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Tonight, attempting to take a break from a very emotionally draining work in progress, I googled my professional name.  The usual returns came back: My website, my two podcasts, my amazon and smashwords author pages, a few interviews I’ve given, and some reviews I’ve written as well as blog swaps.

What surprised me were the ten links I found to separate pinterest pages with my books pinned, and no less than six links to blogs where my books have been reviewed and I had no idea of any of them.

After I posted it on facebook and sent an “OMFG!!!!” email to a friend, I sat down to write this post.

Oh. My. FUCKING. God! Seriously!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!

But why, oh why, you awesome people who have promoted me in such a wonderful and favorable way not told me? I feel almost rude because I had no idea, and had I any idea you had taken the time to read me and then to post about it? I would have said “Thank You” for your time and your support. I would have found some way to bring you a homemade cake or at least offered to take you out for coffee. Because as an Indie Author? We’re nothing without our readers. We don’t do it for the paycheck, because believe me, in a year of being an Indie Author? I didn’t earn enough to claim the amount on taxes. We do it to touch our readers, to reach people. And when we receive a review or a star rating, when someone takes the time to retweet us on twitter, or write about our work on their blogs? There’s no greater compliment.

I myself, a looonnnngggggg time reader have made three very significant, very impacting friendships (you know who you are) that started when I emailed or tweeted to the author to say, “Hey, really loved your work… I’ve posted a review”. Which led to us bantering back and forth. Which led to friendships I don’t know how I would have survived the last tumultuous year of my life without.

So please, if you put in the time and effort to promote an author you love? TELL US!

I’m off to go place thank you comments on the blogs and pages of the people who were kind enough to promote me in such an awesome way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me, and other Indie Authors, by reviewing us and pinning our books to their pinterest boards. Had I known? I would have said thank you personally immediately!

~Amber Jerome~Norrgard


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