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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

I prayed more during my pregnancy with Autumn than I did at any other time in my life.

Sure, I prayed during my parents divorce. I prayed during health crises in my twenties and thirties. I prayed during my dad’s last week on earth for him to finally be at peace, and I prayed for strength after he passed.

But never in my life did I pray as much as I did with my second born child.

You see, I’d suffered three miscarriages in my life, two of which were a result of the abuse I survived in my first marriage. The third? That came after twenty months of trying, of fertility drugs, of surgeries and charting and scheduled sex. And then on what would have been my due date with the baby I lost in the Summer of 2007 I found out I was pregnant. Eight days later I stood in a labor and delivery room in Plano, Texas and witnessed my nephew Tyler being born. And to this day, I say that seeing him take his first breath brought me the luck I needed to carry to full term. I got a variety of baby bathtubs for my baby shower which is fine with me! They came in use when we went on vacation or went to stay with my parents.


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