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Four Paws is now available!

I am thrilled to report that after two and a half months planning, several snafus in regards to formatting, cover design, and the actual publishing of Final E Book Coverthe book, Four Paws is FINALLY available! I’m even more excited to announce that within thirty-six hours of the print-on-demand version of the book going live, it already hit the bestseller’s list on How awesome is that?!?!!

“The Quillective Project’s mission is to turn the power of the written word into an instrument of compassion, hope, and generosity by putting that power directly in the hands of organizations that share our principles.

The 2013 Quillective Project is Four Paws, a poetry anthology featuring bestselling authors Scott Morgan, Ben Ditmars, Amber Jerome~Norrgard and Robert Zimmermann, with a “fourward” by Russell Blake.

100% of all proceeds from the sale of Four Paws will benefit The Dallas Humane Society’s no-kill shelter, Dog & Kitty City. Your purchase of this book makes a difference.”

Please, help us make a difference for the Dallas Humane Society’s no-kill shelter, Dog and Kitty City. You don’t have to buy the book, but please, take a moment and pass this information on. Any and all help is needed!

A word from editor and contributing author, Scott Morgan: 

For updates on the project, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @Quillective and @FourPawsProject, and follow Dog and Kitty City: @Dallas_Humane

Snag Four Paws in paperback here.

Snag Four Paws in ebook via here.

Want the ebook, but have a Nook or other ereader? Snag it via here.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Much love,


~Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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