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Daily Archives: February 9, 2013

Guest Post by Ron Mumford

This week I’m joined by guest blogger Ron Mumford to promote his new book, Finding Your Soul Mate God’s Way.

SoulMateCoverNew Age Soul Mates

(Excerpts from the book, Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way, by Ron Mumford)

People of all faiths, no faith, atheists, agnostics all have a common yearning. We want love in our lives. We want someone who fulfills our common need and when we get to the end of ourselves, most of us will go to any extreme to get what we want. We grovel in desperation and yearn for that giddy feeling of love and being loved.

Dr. Carolyn Miller, in her book about soul mates, says that the giddy feeling of love, as we try to experience it, is really infatuation caused by neuro-chemicals in our brain consisting of endorphins, serotonins and oxytocins. A few months into our relationships, we ask ourselves, “What happened to that loving feeling?” Sometimes we ditch the relationship to find someone else that keeps the neuro-cocktails flowing. We’re like dope addicts going back for another fix. The highs never last. Reality creeps into our relationships and we’re back at square one.

I was amused when I read several of the New Age books on the subject of soul mates. They talked about the laws of attraction, secrets of our mind, the power of positive thinking; materializing, feelizing, visualizing, and praying to the universe for everything we want in life including wealth, power and love. They also mentioned going to psychics ( I call them psy-chics), mediums, fortune-tellers and astrologers to get quick direction to our paths of finding love. Story after story in these books told of wonderful love matches. One story told the union of a Jewish woman and a Muslim man finding true love with each other. I guess anything is possible these days…

After careful consideration of all that I had read, being a male, I applied my male logic to these new age paths to love and asked myself, “Why should I pray to a universe that has no ears to hear me, eyes to see me or a heart to love me?” The universe is empty space as in no one lives there. I even tried a little test. With my best effort, I applied materialization, feelization and visualization with positive thinking to try to turn down the blaring radio in my car. It didn’t work. Conclusion: If I can’t use these tools to turn down my radio, I doubt seriously if they will bring me love, wealth and power. There’s got to be a better way!

In Deuteronomy 18:10-12, it says that psychics, mediums and fortune tellers are an object of horror to the Lord and He will displace them. Wow! Now I’m playing with fire. I had better find a new way. Then I got to thinking that God invented positive thinking. It’s called faith. After careful consideration, using logic and whatever intelligence that I possess, I decided that I would pray to the Creator of the universe. He has ears to hear me, eyes to see me and a heart to love me. This is something each of us has to decide for ourselves. After all, we have free will and free choice to find love. Who do you trust?

Author photoAbout Ron: Ron Mumford has been on both sides of the love fence. He tried and failed at finding lasting love his way and the world’s way and decided that there must be a better way. After searching for truth and direction, he discovered the right way—God’s Way. “I wish that someone would have told me this when I was about 19. Life would have been so much simpler and more beautiful. Now I share this truth with everyone…”

A Journalism major at the University of North Texas, Ron has written for many publications including his time in the U.S. Army where he wrote for Stars & StripesArmy Times and was a Combat Correspondent. A former literary agent, Mumford has written a novel, many screenplays and has been published in several poetry anthologies. He  has served in singles ministries for many years and is now a Bible Fellowship teacher—focusing on relational studies—at a large church in Plano, Texas.

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