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Daily Archives: February 3, 2013

The Quillective Project/Four Paws Poetry book Update!

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UPDATE: February 3, 2013

I am THRILLED to report that The Quillective Project finally has a beneficiary for our 2013 book Four Paws, Dog and Kitty City, the Humane Society of Dallas’s No-Kill Shelter. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of Four Paws will go directly to Dog and Kitty City. You can follow Dog and Kitty City on Twitter, and please be sure to “like” their Facebook page. The E-book will be available through Smashwords and Amazon on Sunday, February 24, 2013, and the POD version of Four Paws will be available soon after, if not on the same day. Please help us promote this incredible organization by promoting this book. We can be the change we want to see in the world, we only need to take the first step!

~Amber Jerome Norrgard

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