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Get “Four Paws” on the Ellen Degeneres Show

100_0763Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m slightly on the insane side. But I’m also determined, and when I want something? I go after it, balls to the wall, full throttle, and I bust my ass until I achieve a goal.

You all know I’m about to publish Four Paws, a poetry anthology that 100% of all proceeds will benefit, a no-kill shelter here in Dallas, Texas. I recently found out that the Ellen Degeneres show highlights acts of kindness and paying it forward.

So I’m asking for your help: Please go to: and tell them about The Quillective Project’s 2013 anotholgy, Four Paws. Please include the links and E Book Cover

If Four Paws makes it on the show, then that means there are more people aware of the book, and there’s a potential for more sales of the book, which means that Dog and Kitty City will get the help they need. It will take you maybe two minutes of your time. Thank you so much!
For now, check out this most excellent video from contributing author and editor, Scott Morgan. I myself will be getting over my loathing of video cameras and how ishy they make me look, and recording my own video about The Quillective Project and Four Paws this weekend.

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