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Searching for Ellen Preview

Searching for Ellen 1Searching for Ellen has been completed and is in the very capable hands of my editor. Estimated due date of the most important piece of writing I’ll ever publish? September 29, 2013, the thirty-sixth anniversary of my adoption finalization. My sister, the exceptionally talented Rebecca Loughin created the cover over a year ago, and it is better than I could have hoped for! If you’d like an advanced copy in exchange for a review on your website as well as on, and, please leave a comment below.

And now? A preview for those of you who have listened for well over thirteen years to me talk about, whine about, cry about, and finally celebrate the completion of my story:

I tried taking several deep breaths. I was terrified, and it felt like everything was moving far too fast and far too slow at the same time. I could feel every single heartbeat, and it made a staccato beat in my ears as it pounded over and over.  My hand poised over the receiver, I could not make myself pick it up. Geoff very calmly and gently took the phone card and the piece of paper with my biological mother’s number printed on it. He dialed, then handed me the phone, never once letting go of my hand.

He never did let go, not until I told him I was okay.

My heart ceased pounding, and then began slamming in my chest as I counted out the rings. One… two… three…

“Hello?” a woman’s voice answered.

Shit. This is it…


7 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days until delivery…..



~Amber Jerome~Norrgard

2 responses to “Searching for Ellen Preview

  1. Jennifer Evans February 22, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Amber, I can’t wait to read this!! It reminds me so much of my first phone call! We have got to share stories!

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