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Review of Scott Morgan’s How to be a Whiny Beeyotch, 71 Writing Excuses Meet the Back of my Hand

You gotta love straight-forward and very honest. So when my good friend and bad-ass editor Scott Morgan asked me to read an advanced copy of beeyotchcoverhis book, How to be a Whiny Beeyotch, 71 Writing Excuses Meet the Back of my Hand, you had better believe that I jumped on the chance. Scott has been kicking my ass for a year now and has been a monstrous help in my life as an Indie Author. Whether editing my work, assisting me with cover design, or helping me complete a writer’s grant, Scott has been a scythe to the bullshit I’ve tried to throw out as to why I can’t do this, that or the other.

Scott Morgan knows his shit, and is a master at recognizing bullshit in its many forms. In How to be a Beeyotch, Morgan takes writers to task and answers the many excuses he’s heard over his years as an editor. Hilarious, down-to-earth and relatable, Morgan pulls no punches and goes right for the jugular of those of us who need to quit whining and start writing. A straight-forward, honest read, How to be a Beeyotch is less like reading and more like sitting down with the author over a cup of coffee while he relates the most ridiculous excuses he’s heard in his many years as an editor as to why people can’t write.

Five out of five stars, although I wish like hell I could give ten. You definitely do not want to miss this book.

E-book and print book will be available through on Friday, February 8, and the audio version will be available on Monday, February 25.

snapshot cutScott Morgan is the bestselling author of Character Development from the Inside Out and How I Make A Living In Writing, and is also the author of two short fiction collections, Short Stack and Tryptic. His latest book is How To Be A Whiny Beeyotch: 71 Writing Excuses Meet the Back of My Hand. Scott is the president of WriteHook (Write for the Jugular), an editing and writing services company for fiction and creative nonfiction. He also is a teacher, presenter, and speaker.

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7 responses to “Review of Scott Morgan’s How to be a Whiny Beeyotch, 71 Writing Excuses Meet the Back of my Hand

  1. Dionne Lister February 4, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Ha! The title is enough to sell millions. It looks great and Amber, you sell it so well :).

  2. ambernorrgard February 7, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    you can reblog anything of mine any time you want Julie!

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