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Celebrate a true friend with me!!!!

If you listen to TweepNation, the podcast I do every week with the awesome Dionne Lister, you already know how I feel about Days of the Week.  *AHEM* I mean, MOTHER FUCKING Days of the Week…. I hate them. I hate going to the website to pull them up and write them down in my handy dandy pimptastic TweepNation with Amber and Dionne show liner notebook. But I do them because our listeners love them. And because it brings Dionne so much joy to give me hell and push my tantrum button.

But the number one reason I do them? And the reason I will continue doing them week after week (well, not this week, because I get a break since its my birthday… Raise the roof ya’ll!), is for one person. And this person is so fucking incredible, and my life was truly blessed the day she tweeted her way into my heart and soul forever.

Roses for the wonderful Staury!

Roses for the wonderful Staury!

Staury Papadopoulou,  I’m talkin’ about you, you bright, beautiful, wonderful, supportive, amazing blessing in my, and countless other Indie Author’s lives. Not a day, and I mean not ONE SINGLE DAY goes by without Stuary taking the time to not only retweet my  links, but with her taking the time to write tweets to promote me, my work, and my podcast. And to drop me a few kind words to tell me that I and my life matters to her. And I’m not the only one she does it for.

The only thing I’d change about this wonderful, kind and beautiful soul? Well, there’s two: the first is she’d live closer. The second? That she would have let me send her autographed copies of my books instead of purchasing them. Yes, I’m tsking and shaking my index finger at you Staury.

So back to the point of this blog post. I loathe Days of the Week. But since I’m doing them, I’m going to take a negative and turn it into a positive. I’m going to use the power of my blog, my mouth, and the power of my voice on the TweepNation Podcast, and I’m creating my own frickin’ day of the week.

Say Helllllllooooooo to Staury Day! January 17, every year from now on, is officially Staury Day. Why? Did you not read the start of this blog? Okay fine, you skipped ahead. Brats. Staury is awesome, that’s why. And such extreme awesomeness needs to be celebrated as much as possible.

So join me in celebrating such a wonderful and amazing person. My life would be significantly less sparkly and shiny and warm without Staury in it.

Let’s rock our biggest supporter’s world like she’s rocked ours!

I love you, Staury. Thank you so much for all you do in being my friend, my reader, and my biggest supporter. I truly was blessed the day you tweeted your way into my life.

High fives, huggles, and ass smacks, ya’ll!

Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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