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Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

Thank You!

To say 2012 has been an incredibly busy year is an understatement. I’ve put out eight books (the last seven of which this time last  year? I had no idea were even in me), had five of those books become best sellers, started two podcasts, started a yearly short story erotica flash fiction competition, and began an organization that will publish a yearly anthology with the intent of benefiting one worthy non-profit organization. I’ve gone from saying, “Huh?” to saying, “Do this, this, then this, then this” in regards to book formatting. I’ve learned how to design covers, and even did a very groovy cover for my TweepNation co-host Dionne Lister’s second book. I’ve began the work to start my own publishing company. I’ve driven from Dallas, Texas all the way to New Jersey for a week long road trip. I’ve busted my ass and lost a total of seventy-five pounds. I’ve rediscovered my writing, and the pure blissed-out joy that comes with the craft. But most importantly, through out all that? I’ve been blessed to meet several kindred spirits who a year ago with strangers to me, but are now family.

I’ve had friends throughout my life. I’ve had best friends. But only rarely did I come across friends that truly got the drive, the need, the want, the flat out passion I feel for the written word. And that’s fine. I mean, I’m totally supportive of their love of movies, cooking, crafts and dressing their furry babies in outfits that match their own. Okay, actually, no, I do not get that last one. Unless it has no fur? Do not dress your dog or cat up in a stupid sweater. Because I’ll laugh at you. And then I’ll stop talking to you. Because seriously, reality check here people: the dog doesn’t give a shit that you got it a fuzzy pink angora sweater. The dog is just waiting for you to go shopping for more stupid clothing so it can chew the fugly ass sweater you put on it off and then shit it out in your over-priced designer shoes.

Bitchy-rant completed. For now…

Like I was saying before I got pissed off at the idea of a dog in a sweater, I’ve had friends in my life. Excellent friends who have always been there when I needed them. But rarely did I find friends who understood my love of the written word, how I could read the same book over and over again, how my fingers would itch to pick up a pen and scribble out what was pulsating across the screen of my soul. And though I began my life as a “tweep” out of sheer boredom (nothing much else to do when you’re recovering from a hysterectomy and bored), things shifted drastically for me when I began talking to Indie Authors. After two-and-a-half years of not writing anything other than grocery lists, in June 2011, I began writing again.

In October of 2011, I asked Barry Crowther what would be the most fateful question of my life: “Will you read my poetry and tell me what you think?” And what he thought was, “Send me what you have, and I will help you get this published ASAP.”

My life has been turned upside down, shaken up, and tossed around since.  And I would not change a single thing that has happened since I clicked on the “publish” icon on KDP’s website, good or bad.

Its been a tumultuous year. So much has happened. But it has led me to realizing a dream I’ve long harbored as a very close second to becoming a mother: to be an author. And it has given me so very much to be thankful for, most importantly, friends who aren’t just friends, but are family.

I’ve found my village, and I’ve assembled the yurts and I am so very grateful for the blessings my village has brought to my life (feel free to figure out on your own which member of the village is the idiot).

So, if you’ll allow me this rambling and heart felt paragraph, I’d like to say thank you to those who have done all they can to help me, both professionally and personally this year. If I forget someone, please please please forgive me and remember, I’ve got three kids, three WIP’s, and two podcasts going on. Not to mention a bunch of other stuffs.

Thank you to Barry Crowther, Dionne Lister, Justin Bog, Scott Morgan, Charity Parkerson, David Griffin, Russell Blake, Claude Bouchard, Melissa Craig, Kriss Morton, Damien Boath, Staury Papdopoulou, Rob Zimmermann, Ben Ditmars, Kim Stapf, Erica Travis, Ellen and Steve Bedford, Dan Loughin, Becky Loughin, Ciara Ballintyne, Diana Sichta, Deena Schoenfeldt, Mark Rice, Derek McPhee, and countless others who have been there to help and support me, and kick my ass when it needs it.

But also, Thank You to YOU, dear reader. Thank you to everyone who’s read a blog and commented on it. Thank you to everyone who’s bought and downloaded my books, thank you to everyone who’s reviewed my work or told me that its touched your heart. Thank you to everyone who’s listened to my two podcasts, to everyone who (for some reason insane reason) has told me they love my laugh.

Thank you for a year that has taught me more about life, both personally and professionally, than I ever though possible.

Here’s to an even better 2013.

Much love, snorts, and vodka shots,


~Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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