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Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

Charity Parkerson brings some romance to!

Since jumping into the Indie Author Arena last January, I’ve met some interesting people. I’ve also made some wonderful new friends. And one of those wonderful new friends? Charity Parkerson. Whether it’s been offering her help with formatting, beta-reading something I’ve written, telling me, “Hey, why don’t you join my publishing company” and helping me find my feet, getting so angry on my behalf she offers to taser someone (that’s right… not only is she an excellent author, she’s a bad ass southern belle) or letting me crash at her place at the end of a very long road trip, Charity is one in a million, and I am so very grateful that I have been blessed to have her in my life. So when she asked for hosts for her blog tour for “The Adonis”, of course I was gonna say yes! And I’ve read it, and I came very close to falling off the non-smoking wagon due to the hot hot hottttttness of the book. Check out the links below to grab your copy, and you can always check out Charity and what she has going on here.

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The-Adonis By Charity Parkerson  Available at SmashwordsBarnes & Noble Amazon US, and Amazon UK

The-Adonis bookcoverBlurb:


Grecian Fantasies hosts one of the hottest balls in town, a naughty Nobody-Knows-Your-Name masquerade that is not only exclusive, but is also not for the faint of heart.

Pleasure, fantasy, fetish, and vice are all on the menu at this ball. The only thing not up for grabs is the notorious woman behind its creation, but that is about to change.


“I’m Weston,” he said as he wound Rob’s ribbon around his neck, tying it in a neat bow, and making himself appear as a giant unwanted present. “What’s your desire?” Rob started to tell Weston that he desired for him to go away, but a bright yellow feather caught his eye once more, and his gaze found the Goddess across the room.

“I need you to fetch someone,” Rob answered, deciding to use the awkward situation to his advantage.

“Oh, yay, a threesome,” Weston cheered. “May I suggest Mike over there,” he said, pointing to a gigantic man wearing a plain black mask. “He has lumberjack hands,” Weston added cheerfully.

Rob paused. Lumberjack hands? No, he was not going to ask. “What are lumberjack hands?”

“You know, he can wield his . . .” Weston began before Rob waved his hand, cutting him off.

“Never mind, I get the picture.” And he did, too. He would never be able to wash this moment from his mind. Getting back on track before things got out of hand, Rob pointed across the room. “Bring her to me,” he ordered.

Weston’s face fell as he caught sight of the woman to which Rob referred. “I cannot,” he stammered, sounding horrified.

“What the hell? I thought you were supposed to fulfill my desires or some shit?”

Weston seemed honestly distraught over Rob’s aggravation. “I’m sorry. If you ask me to fetch anyone else for a bit of fun, then I am at your service, any service,” he added, raking Rob’s body with his eyes. “However, that is Theadonis and I cannot do as you command.”

“The Adonis,” Rob repeated, sounding ridiculous even to his own ears. “I thought Adonis was a man. That is no man.” As the words left Rob’s mouth, he found himself tilting his head to one side and studying the woman closer just in case he was wrong.

Weston rolled his eyes. “Not ‘the Adonis.’ Theadonis. That’s her name. She is the owner of Grecian Fantasies.”


And now for the good stuff… You know, the part where I ask way too many questions and the interviewee kinda rolls their eyes and answers anyways? Yeah, that part!

Who would your guest list include for your fantasy dinner?  Chris Helmsworth, Alexander Skarsgard, and Johnny Depp. Oh the fun we’d have.

What year would you visit in a time machine and why?  I wouldn’t. With my luck, I’d trip over a dinosaur and screw up all of history.

Who would you love to have a few beers with and just bullshit?  Reese Witherspoon. I just like her. She seems so sweet.

What is your go to movie or tv show?  Big Bang Theory. I never miss it.

When did you start writing?  When I was a teenager.

What book exceeded your expectations?  Harry Potter. I didn’t think that I would like it, but I snag it for free in a book club.

Toilet paper/ paper towels: what’s the correct way to put them on the dispenser?  overhanded  (FINALLY!!!!!!!)

If you’re going on a long road trip, what drinks and snacks are you going to pack?  Chips, Coke, and cookies. Good health is out the window on a road trip.

Which of your books took you the longest from starting the book to going live with the book?  The Danger from Within. It was my first and through a publisher, so it took forever.

Do your characters ever show up in your dreams? Most of my characters began from a dream.

What made you start writing?  I had a dream that would not leave me alone until I wrote it down and then it grew from there.

What character have you previously written that you would love to write another book about?  Lena.

What is your morning ritual?  Drag myself from bed, get ready to go for the day, pack kids lunches, get kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed, and driven to school. No rest for the wicked, lol

Do you have any writing quirks?  I either need for it to be completely quiet or to have music playing any other noises are distracting

What do you think of books turned into movies?  I’m always excited it it’s a book that I loved but usually I’m still disappointed. Except for Hunger Games which I think they did an amazing job with.

If you were going to a deserted island, what three items would you take with you?  Food/Water, my family, and my kindle

Name 3 books on your to-be-read list.  Haiku in the Night by Ben Ditmars, Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward, and To Kill a Warlock by H.P. Mallory

Best thing about where you live? It’s filled with celebrities yet everyone is left in peace

What book could you read over and over?  The Duchess by Jude Deveraux

Who is your favorite band or musician? Lifehouse

What book do you think is a necessary read?  The Count of Monte Cristo

What advice can you give to newbie indie authors? Get online, hit the social media sites, and make some friends. We’re all here for you.


goodreads picBio: Charity Parkerson was born in Tennessee, where she still lives with her husband and two sons.  She is the author of several books including twelve Amazon bestsellers. You can like her on facebook, follow her on Twitter,  visit her at her website  and you can check out her blog here.

Her “Sinners series” was voted one of the top ten best books by an Indie author in 2011- Paranormal Romance Reads

She was named as one of the top three Indie authors of 2012- The Book Connection  

She is a member of The Paranormal Romance Guild, is a Goodreads moderator, a member of Coffee Time Romance, and co-host of The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson show.

She won author of the week in August of 2011, and is a three-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath.



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