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Daily Archives: December 18, 2012

The 2013 Quillective Project to benefit Operation Kindness

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Update: December 18, 2012

After meeting with the awesome Kriss Morton, Ben Ditmars, Scott Morgan and Robert Zimmermann last night, we’ve got a name for our book to benefit Operation Kindness and a name for our group. “Four Paws” will be a poetry collection, to be released around February 23, 2013, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Operation Kindness, the oldest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas.

I am thrilled to announce that this will be a yearly project to be released in late January to early February each year.  Allow me to introduce: The Quillective Project, a literary collective designed to annually benefit one nonprofit or not-for-profit organization through the power (and sale) of the written word.

Organizations benefitted by The Quillective Project will be those that espouse compassion, selflessness, kindness, and hope, for humans and animals.

Want to help us promote this incredible project and make a difference?

Sign up here!

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