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An Interview with the Illustrious Dionne Lister

This post, I am interviewing my very dear friend, and pod-cast partner-in-crime, Dionne Lister about her first novel, her favorite things, and other various piece of miscellaneous items you might not have thought to ask yourself…

Isn’t she beautiful?

Who would your guest list include for your fantasy dinner, dead or alive?  Amber Jerome~Norrgard (hey! that’s me!), Craig Stone, Justin Bog, Stauroylla Papadopou, Ciara Ballintyne, and all my wonderful writer friends, and my aunty and grandmother who have died.

What year would you visit in a time machine and why?  1992 because I was 21 and having lots of fun with minimum responsibilities. I used to surf everyday and life was good (please forgive the cliché but I’m reminiscing).

Who would you love to have a few beers with and just bullshit?  I don’t drink beer and I bullshit all the time. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe—you Miss Amber.

What is your go to movie or tv show?  Grays Anatomy and Downton Abbey – yes I know that’s two but I couldn’t choose.

When did you start writing?  When I was seven or eight.

What book exceeded your expectations?  A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz.

Toilet paper/ paper towels: what’s the correct way to put them on the dispenser?  We had to get rid of the dispenser when the kids were toddlers because they would just pull and pull and pull until all the paper was everywhere. They then played with the roly bit in the middle of the dispenser and now we don’t have one. But if I did have one, I would make it so the bit to pull is sitting on the top of the roll.

If you’re going on a long road trip, what drinks and snacks are you going to pack?  Water in a BPA free bottle (sorry I’ve been working at Earth First too long), fruit and lollies.

Name 3 books on your to-be-read list.  Game of Thrones, Turning by Melinda Chapman and Danger Undercover by Charity Parkerson.

Best thing about where you live?  The possums—Not! It has to be the ocean.

What book could you read over and over?  Anything by David Eddings

Who is your favorite band or musician?  Keane

What book do you think is a necessary read?  Shadows of the Realm. It’s very intelligently written and gives insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

How many books do you think will be in the Circle of Talia series? 3 or 4.

Have you started book two in the series?  Where do you think it will lead?  I have started book 2 and it will lead on from book 1 ;). I think there’s some more surprises headed their way and since I’m a panster even I don’t know what they are.

Have you ever wanted to throttle any of the characters in the Circle of Talia Series?  I hate Leon and Perculus. Leon is a real asshole and Perculus is just gross, especially when he’s eating.

 Have any of the characters in the Circle of Talia Series, or in any of your short stories, shown up in a dream?   No.

Wow thanks for the interview Miss Amber, I’ve enjoyed answering your questions. Let’s hope someone’s interested enough to read the interview now!

Don’t worry Dionne, I’m sure everyone will read it!

Dionne Lister is a writer and mother living in Sydney, Austrailia.  She is also co-creator and co-host of “TweepNation with Amber and Dionne”, a weekly podcast loosely related to Twitter and Indie Authors, and is on a mission to eradicate the world from fruit-munching and thieving possums.

You can check out Dionne Lister’s  wonderful and entertaining blog here, and you can buy her awesome fantasy novel here.

My personal pick for Best Fantasy Read of 2012….


2 responses to “An Interview with the Illustrious Dionne Lister

  1. MAJK (@Safireblade) June 24, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Enjoyed this interview! Great questions, fun responses, and yes, she is lovely!

  2. majkink June 24, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Enjoyed this interview! Great questions, fun responses, and yes, she is lovely!


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