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A million and one roses for a one in a million friend…

I’ll be honest: I love having my ego stroked. And as an Indie Author, I get support and virtual high-fives from my Indie Author friends when I send them something I write, asking for their opinion. But as an Indie Author, while I love and appreciate the praise from those friends I hold nearest and dearest in my heart, what really gets my ego going and pumped up and inflated is when a reader tells me how much they enjoy my work.

Yeah, Stauroylla Papadopou, I’m talking to you!

I met Staury last fall, and since I published my first book back in January, she has gone above and beyond in her support of me and my writing and my attempt to make a go of it as an Indie Author. She immediately purchases, reads and reviews my work; not only that? Guess who gives me the most support and promotion via twitter? Why, that would be the wonderful Staury. Staury is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, and the only thing that trumps her amazing physical beauty is her incredible heart and soul of platinum. She also HATES it when I, or any other of the many Indie Authors she supports, says “Thank you” for everything she does, day in and day out to support us in our work. As an Indie, yeah, some of your success depends on your ability to write, to tell a story, to paint an image in the minds of the reader. But what really makes or breaks an Indie Author is their readers. Without our readers? We’d be nothing.

Staury, Staury, Staury. You hate that we say thank you, but what else can we do? We are all so grateful to you for your friendship and your support.

Being a natural born onery brat, I’m going to just have to thank the lovely Staury in the best way I know how: A Poem.

For Staury:

A million in one roses for a one in a million friend

Your friendship, your passion
Your beauty, your words
So many things to adore about you my dear
If only you’d allow me to say “thank you” in words
But since you will not
A poem I will write
For a beautiful bright star
Who blesses us all
Who makes words flow so freely
The gift of your friendship
Your unconditional support
There are no words to show you my gratitude
So I’ll hope that you’re gifted
With roses so deeply red:
A million and one roses
For a one in a million friend

Staury, my beautiful friend, my biggest supporter: I don’t give a shit that you don’t want me to say it: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! You are the reader we all dream of having, and you my darling dear, are an amazing blessing!

Lots of love to you, Staury!

Amber Jerome~Norrgard

4 responses to “A million and one roses for a one in a million friend…

  1. Staury June 11, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    I’m literally and figuratively crying here Amber….you wrote a poem that moves me more than what my husband wrote for me so far(Agapose moro mou)And for that i have to kill you ….cause he write very good poemsLOL
    I rally loved the poem Amber …and i know i’m very selfish person (is true) for asking from all of you not to “thank”me ..I think is something wrong with my DNA cause everytime i hear the word “thank you”i get an allergic reaction LOL.
    But as much as i hate hearing it …I love say it to others .. …so …THANK YOU Amber !!!!!!

    P.S I never RT something that had my name on but you wrote this Amazing Poem!!(sorry Justin&Carl) so i will RT this for that &you

  2. Dionne Lister June 11, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    He, he, good one Amber! Yay, she said what should have been said ages ago. I second the thank you too! What a beautiful way to thank such an amazing friend—you are both fantabulously superific 🙂

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