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A review of Scott Morgan’s “How I Make A Living In Writing”

There’s a reason why “How I Make a Living in Writing” by Scott Morgan hit the bestseller’s list within twelve hours of being published: It’s a truly honest read. It felt more like I was meeting a friend for coffee than I was reading. True to form, Morgan keeps it honest and open, and rather than make promises or claims, the author gives you an in-depth look at how he went from being a film-school student to becoming a writing professional.  And rather than blowing sunshine up your butt with promises of what will work, Morgan instead tells the story of what worked to get him where he is today, leaving it to the reader to decide what similar avenues they themselves might take in their own writing lives.

Five stars for such an honest book, folks.  I’d like to point out here that anything other than honest writing?  Load of bullshit; in fact, that’s the quickest way for me to stop reading and go on to something else.

Buy “How I Make A Living In Writing” here.


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