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New Release: “Wanting”

I have surprised the hell out of myself over the past few months.

You see, I was pretty sure that my genre was in poetry and in the autobiographical arena.  Back in March, I saw someone on a motorcycle that reminded me of a former boyfriend from my early twenties.  Which inspired me to write, “James.”  When I began writing that particular short story, it began as a retelling of a lost love, and what happens when you do not ask the questions that need to be asked.  Instead, it turned into something I never thought I’d write: an erotica short story.  And I was shocked that I could actually write that genre.  After much going back and forth with several friends, asking their opinions, freaking out, having them talk me off the cliff I climbed up on, I hit publish.  I figured it was the one and only time I’d write something like that.  But a month after publishing “James” inspiration hit again.

I love it when that happens.

I’ve released two other erotica short stories since “James” went live, as well as two erotica poems.  Last Friday, I wrote the final short story, one that was a very hard and uncomfortable reach for me.  After editing and suggestions from a wonderful group of friends, I designed the cover, put the BAMF together, uploaded it to KDP, and hit publish last night.

Five short stories and two poems….

I’ve written before about music and the effect it has on me.  Well, music was the back drop for this work, so here are the songs that made up the soundtrack for “Wanting”:

“6 Under ground”, Sneaker Pimps

“Your winter”, Sister Hazel

“Your love takes me higher”, Sonique

“You won’t be mine”, Matchbox Twenty

“Just say yes”, Snow Patrol

“Stay the night”, Benjamin Orr

“Shape of my heart”, Sting

“Time after time”, Matchbox Twenty

“Desert Rose”, Sting, featuring Cheb Mami

“TIme of the season”, The Byrds

“Bittersweet symphony”, The Verve

“Sleeping satellite”, Tasmin Archer

“Like a stone”, Audioslave

To buy “Wanting, an erotica short story collection” click here.

And I have to give a huge shout out to my village for putting up with me during the writing and publishing process for reading, editing, suggesting, and making me laugh my ass off.  As always, I am thankful to: Justin Bog, Dionne Lister, Charity Parkerson, Scott Morgan, and my darling David Griffin.  Thank you five, immensely, for your constant support and love.

Peace and love….


One response to “New Release: “Wanting”

  1. justinbog July 11, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    You are a writing inspiration, Amber. How great. And this cover reminds me of the 70s for some reason. The soft glow. The carnality. Kudos.

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