Life as Amber knows it

"An adventure in the making…"

Dear World:

Dear World:

Hello, it’s me. The person you ignored. The person who you placed on the back burner until it was convenient for you to be my friend. The person you made a face at because I look different than you. I’m the classmate you made fun of because she wore long sleeve shirts on warm days to hide the welt marks on her body from her mother’s beatings. I’m the woman who overheard you say in Spanish what you’d like to do to me, with you unaware I understand the language very well. I’m the woman you and your size-two friends made fun of for being “fat”, the woman you said was a slut because I actually have curves. I’m the friend who overheard you talk repeatedly about which of my friends you’d like to fuck and which you’d like to see naked, and it minimized me and made me feel unseen. I’m the person who’s generosity you took advantage of. I’m the former employee who you passed over for a much deserved promotion because a lazy employee put out when I wouldn’t. I’m the person you made fun of for having an anxiety disorder. I’m the friend who’s birthday you forgot. I’m the friend who you blew off for the opportunity to get laid or to spend time with someone who was “cooler.”

Dear World, please start treating one another with compassion. Please stop placing those that you say matter to you on the back burner. Start making time for those you care about, and be aware of the weight your words and your actions carry.


~Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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