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The Quillective Project wants YOU!

Qullective  Project  button-001Calling all Indie Authors! Calling all Indie Authors!

The Quillective Project has began gearing up to release it’s second anthology (name pending) set to release in the Fall of 2014. This year, we’re benefiting Bright Light Volunteers, one hell of an awesome organization that facilitates cross-cultural experiences between student volunteer groups and host communities abroad.

We’re looking for Indie Authors to contribute to the anthology their short stories about hope, love, faith, and healing. Writers chosen for the project need to meet the following criteria:

1.) Submit a short story or poem reflecting this year’s theme of hope, love, faith and healing.

2.) Make a minimum $5 donation to the project (this small amount will offset the cost of publication and the twenty-five books we’ll be donating to the group)

3.) Attend monthly meetings via G+ Hangouts (you’ll have a two weeks heads up to plan ahead, and don’t worry, its no more than once a month!)

4.) Agree to participate in any promotional events such as blog hops, interviews, and promote the book through their own website and social media platforms.

All work submitted and chosen for the anthology remains the author’s own, although due to the amount of submissions, authors must agree to their work being edited for punctuation and grammatical errors.

Email your submissions to Amber at by June 1, 2014.

Bright Light Volunteers LogoWant to know more about Bright Light Volunteers? Check them out here:

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