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Guest Post by Sophia Hobbs

I recently became acquainted with Sophia Hobbs through Twitter when she asked me to look at one of her poems. Since asking that same question is what started me out in the Indie Author Arena, and I believe fully in paying it forward, I was thrilled to do so. And you can imagine my excitement that Sophia not only is very gifted at writing poetry, but is a DFW resident as well.  I’m very thrilled to showcase one of her poems on my blog today.

Walking, grazing, meandering…

The crowd, hot and sweaty, living

Pulsing. They part, two tides of wild eyes and shuffling.

A cart, myriad of taste, color.

Blue, red, yellow, green


Unexpected hunger, hands raise, green flashes

Plastic bags, used,


Blue, red, yellow, green

Husk breaking, juice flowing.

Staining. Smiles made,

Teeth showing,

Blue, red, yellow, green

Sophia Hobbs works with Dalworth Rug Cleaning, a Dallas based textile cleaning company. You can find her on Twitter @DalworthRest and on Google +, often times digging into her hobby as a poet.

~Amber Jerome~Norrgard

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