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I did WHAT?!?!!

Say what you want about it, when you’re a shy introverted type, there’s no easy way to type the following words:

I just published my first erotic short story.

Oh wait, that was easier than I thought it would be. I just clicked the keys on my keyboard. Huh. Go figure.

In all seriousness though, a couple of months ago, I did a double take at a red light thinking an ex-boyfriend I recall fondly had pulled up next to me. Which got me thinking about that previous relationship of mine. Which caused me to email my ex-boyfriend and ask if he was okay with me using him as a character basis for a short story with the understanding he’d have a different name and would be presented in a respectful manner (and there’s no reason to not pen him in that way; he’s still a gentleman, fourteen years after we’ve split up). He very kindly consented, and over the past several weeks, I wrote the story.

It was a stretch for me to write erotica. I’m more of the poetry-type genre myself, so to stretch in this manner was very hard for me. But with the help of four very good friends who were more than happy to read, offer suggestions, and make the occasional crass joke for humor’s sake, I somehow finished and published today. Click here to buy “James”. If you read it, and like it, please leave me a review if it’s not too much trouble.

Going to go blush for a bit longer,


ps: you’ve got to love them for their support, sense of humor, and their ability to edit the hell out of anything you send to them: Dionne Lister, Charity Parkerson, Melissa Craig, and last but certainly not least, Scott Morgan: You four are amazing. Thank you for helping me ease into my first go round in erotica. And for the crass jokes, because you can NEVER have too many of them! Mwauh! xoxoxo ~A

2 responses to “I did WHAT?!?!!

  1. justinbog May 23, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    wait, i’m still confused about who you’re talking about when you say shy and introverted, Amber . . . Amber? Are you hiding in Dionne’s cupboard again? Anyway, jumping into the erotica genre pool is the cool kids thing to do . . . so au currant. Love the book cover too. Congratulations.

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